Holiday Campaign Tipps

Santa might be the greatest salesperson of all time, but you can do it as well. Holiday Season is coming soon.

When it gets colder and the days get shorter…
It’s time to prepare your online store for the holidays:

Reach new audience groups, convert visitors into customers and maximize your sales.
Below you will find 10 Tips to get your programmatic advertising in shape for the holiday season:

1. Create Christmas-y creatives
  • Create designs for the holiday season with specific imagery and creativity
  • Set time-limited offers to encourage customers to buy now, like coupons, sales, and discounts to create urgency
  • Take the chance to animate creatives with falling snowflakes or flying Santas. Create attention!
2. Create personalized stories that matter
  • Create unforgettable customer experiences: use the holiday season to improve your digital sales channels, cross-device and sales-funnel strategies
  • If you want to catch users you have to think like a customer, so create content everyone likes
  • Digital buyers will come back after a positive experience
3. Reach your customers, wherever they are
  • Feature your upcoming holiday specials on every device and channel like desktop, mobile, social & native
  • Don’t forget to setup and optimize your website for mobile shoppers – this type of shopper is still increasing
  • Also use Facebook, Twitter and Co. to grab customer attention; use high quality holiday images and many call-to-action buttons to get them to your website
4. Start prospecting to reach new consumers
  • Guide new customers to your webshop and increase potential of your intelligent retargeting segments
  • Use the Unidesq data platform to target users by gender, age, income, interest or shopping intentions
  • Combine data targeting with media targeting and pick out the best websites and mobile apps in the internet
5. Wrap your gifts with a unique story
  • Highlight your differentiators, tell your audience what makes your company and products unique in the market
  • You can emphasize your quality, a special experience, service, or your price
  • Reinforce the reason why it’s better to buy from you than your competitors and communicate it on your advertising creatives
6. Optimize your bidding strategies
  • Think especially about increasing your retargeting bids; prices increase due to high bidding competion
  • Differentiate between visitors that only visited your homepage and users who cancelled the ordering process
  • Make higher bids for users with a higher probability to buy
  • Bid higher for products with high margins and lower for products with low margins
7. Set up intelligent user segments
  • Don’t assume that user in different gender, ages or regions will respond to the same ad on the same website
  • Use segmentation based on user behavior on your website to personalize the ads
  • Start segmenting your users in smaller groups, so that you can target specific, relevant marketing messages to each groups
8. Synchronize channels, avoid overlaps
  • Reach your clients with machine learning product ads across desktop, mobile, native and social media
  • Optimize frequency and content of your product ads across multiple devices and channels
  • Avoid duplicate advertising impressions across multiple channels that will annoy your clients
9. Take learnings from last holiday season
  • Measure, analyze and learn from data that was collected last year
  • Make sure your holiday marketing is measurable for this season
  • Track all of your data like return on investment for an even more profitable campaign next year
  • Determine which combination of campaign elements and audience factors show the best result and which need to be optimized for next year
10. Prepare time after New Year’s Eve
  • Think about your last year, compare against your goals, determine what was successful and what needs to be improved
  • Start the New Year with a survey and ask your customers if they are satisfied with your product and service
  • You can Use New Year’s Eve to promote new products, offers and services
  • Offer your customers a fresh start into the New Year with sales, deals and promotions



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