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Programmatic Advertising Platform
for eCommerce. 

Reach your clients with machine learning product ads across desktop, mobile, native & social. 
With one platform. Worldwide.

Programmatic Advertising Platform
for eCommerce.


Reach your clients across multiple
channels  & devices.

Reach your clients across desktop, mobile, native, Facebook & Twitter. Optimize frequency and content of your product ads across multiple devices and channels.

Automate sales with machine
learning product ads.

Dynamic ads allow you to personalize every ad impression to your clients. Connect your webshop data with Unidesq, optimize the content of your ads in real-time and scale your online sales.


Maximize efficiency of every cent you spend.
Make smarter decision.

The Unidesq optimization engine calculates the best price for every single ad impression. All decisions are made based on available product data and user data in real-time.

Get full control of your campaigns &
maximum of transparency.

Unidesq provides you full transparency about your campaign delivery, costs and performance. Get deep campaign insights that drive your marketing decisions to reach maximum ROI.


Who we are

Christian Ulitzka
CEO & Founder


James Weber
CTO & Co-Founder


Nina Fiedler
Programmatic Consultant


Jessica Klapper
Finance & Administration Manager

Daniela Götze
Support & Ad-Operations Manager


André Kolesnikov
Support & Ad-Operations Manager

Mariia Rybalka
Software Engineer

Mira Kepper
Marketing & PR Manager


We help advertisers of different eCommerce segments
to automate sales with personalized product ads.

“Unidesq helps us to scale our sales with personalized product ads in the German market.
Our conversion rates increased by more than 200%.”
— Daniel Mensing, Fond of Bags

Increase sales of your webshop.
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